TopicProtein and Carbohydrate Intake After Lap-Band Surgery

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 11:34am

    Simply reduce the quantity of what you're consuming and you'll be taking in fewer calories. The lesser calories you consume, Green Coffee 5K the easier it will be to lose fat and get your hips, thighs and buttocks in shape. Be sure that you have a healthy diet to make sure that you have lots of energy. Fruits, vegetables and plenty of water will be a great help for you in your quest to reduce weight. Remember that healthy diet will help you have more energy, which will make exercising easier.

    How many times have you ever plopped in front of the TV with mounds and mounds of food and drinks? How many times have you set more food on the table while you are working against a deadline or while you are cramming for an exam? How many times have you noticed you have polished off your plate without even knowing that you have? If you can count more than 5 times to each of the three questions, then we can guarantee you that you are consuming more calories than your really ought to.

    Being distracted from what you are eating can lead to weight gain and this is due to two reasons. One: because you are distracted with TV or work, you tend to eat, eat and eat (not to mention gulp down large volumes of sugary drinks in the process) and you only stop when the food or drink runs out. By that time, you feel unsatisfied and have the tendency to look for more calorific food items that will last until you finish whatever it is you are doing. Two: the "convenient" foods that you prefer eating during your moments of inattentiveness are usually fatty, butter-soaked, sugary, salty or very heavy on carbohydrates - especially bread items like pizza, pastries or chips and the like.



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