Topic The Ultimate Penis Guide - Everything You Need to Know About Your Penis

  • Tue 13th Feb 2018 - 9:21am

    It's been a question many men have asked, how can I make Member XXL Review my penis bigger? These questions that have been asked but never really answered before, until now that is. It's a question that plagued me from the moment I realized that mine was a tad smaller than most of my friends. It never occurred to me to me that it was possible to do so until I discovered natural penis enhancers that made me a little lengthier after doing it consistently.

    A simple stretching technique that will help in elongate the penis. Take you soft penis and stretch it out as far out as you can possibly go without pain. Do it gently and gradually, no need to rush, when you reach the stretching point, stop and hold the stretch for a count of 10 and after 10 seconds of rest do it again, Repeat 10 times. You will be astounded how it helps in elongating the penis

    Another simple exercise for the penis. This is done by getting your penis to go half way erect, then through the help of a lubricant, grip your penis tightly at the root with your thumb and forefinger in one hand, slid your fingers up the shaft until you reach the top.

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