Topic Using Minoxidil for Women's Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

  • Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 11:01am



    Hair on the pillow While it's normal for guys to have Provillus Review a few strands of hair on their pillows in the morning (or bed sheet if you're like me and sleep without a pillow) anything upwards of 10 strands is an early warning sign. It's certainly possible that you're not balding if you take a good look at your pillow for the first time and notice a lot of strands but that's just because the strands have collected over days. If you clean your pillow of strands every day and still notice more than 10 strands when you wake up in the mornings, that's sign number 1.
    Hair in the shower and on your towels Relating to number 1, the hair fall in the shower is generally 10 times more than on your pillow if you're balding. If you decide to shampoo your hair and find your hand almost covered with hair, don't give yourself some excuse like "oh that's just because I haven't shampooed in a week" that'll keep you in denial. If there's hair on your hand and visible hair on the shower floor without you having to make an effort to find it, you're probably well on your way to becoming a handsome bald guy. Speaking of excuses, here's a great post on 10 reasons guys 'hope' are causing their balding.


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