TopicGood Muscle Building Advice For Getting Ripped Out In No Time

  • Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 9:15am

    It is crucial to realize that there is always a tradeAnabolic Stretching off between endurance and power. Each time an athlete performs an activity, the nervous system takes into account the exact nature of the activity including its power output, and makes the necessary changes and adaptations to better cope with the induced stress. Just because the athlete did a session of weightlifting and then follows with an aerobic activity doesn't necessarily mean the athlete will derive the maximum benefits from each activity, when measured separately. Instead, both activities directly influence each other based on a power continuum. If not addressed, the athlete will only be "going in circles" with respect to maximal improvements for his/her sport.

    When concerning athletic performance enhancement, the most interesting concept regarding endurance and strength training is the idea of this power continuum. Essentially, the laws of thermodynamics govern the power output that the body is capable of. An engine that is very powerful cannot also be very fuel-efficient. This is simply impossible since, by definition, power is the rate of energy production/consumption. Alternatively, a fuel-efficient engine cannot be equally powerful.

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