Topic Muscle Building Secrets - Do You Know These Principles of Bodybuilding Success?

  • Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 6:21am

    Forced reps are a good thing when used in the right situation, it is far TestMax Nutrition Review too easy to get carried away. Don't try to do forced reps in every set, only every exercise. The goal for any size gaining training program is to use maximum intensity, and forced reps can lead to over training and prolonged fatigue. When doing a forced rep your muscle is working at it's maximum strength capacity, and duration must decrease when intensity increases. Forced reps aren't bad, but doing too many is.

    Oh the "traps" or Trapezius muscles and their many exercises. I was in the gym a few days ago and saw a guy pounding away on the shrugs. He was doing shrugs with a 110lb dumbbell in each hand. He was lifting the weight a total of 1 inch on each rep. The weight was so heavy; he couldn't do the movement properly. Not only that, but he was trying to heave so much weight, he was exhausted after only four unsuccessful reps.

    So I asked him why he was doing what he was doing. He said, "Traps are where it's at!" I tend to agree with him.

    The "traps" or Trapezius muscles are above your collar bone on top of your shoulders and extend from your neck to the tip of your shoulders.

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