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  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 10:04am

    In the 21st Century, computers are all around us.

    The truth is we live in a world where computers are all around us. Even Profit With Michael little old ladies who have never sat in front of an actual computer screen in their lives use computers. They'd never agree that they use computers but every time they buy something in a supermarket they ARE using a computer when they use their credit card. We all use computers every day in hundreds of different ways.

    Everywhere around us, there's a fear of identity theft.

    There's a prevailing fear of identity theft that seems to be everywhere. People who are not particularly computer savvy are especially concerned. However, people FEEL safe when they pay a membership fee to be part of an online community and this is one place where membership websites have an advantage over other sites. People feel more secure with membership sites than when they are out there surfing on the free web. People like the feeling of security but safety is not the only reason for the explosion of membership websites today.

    When the internet was new, communication was a one-way street.

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