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  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 6:42am

    All of a sudden, she smelled a strong smell of cigaretteNeuro67 smoke. (At the time, she thought someone was smoking outside the window). Then came a memory of her grandmother when she was dying of lung cancer. Her grandmother had been a lifelong smoker and even at the end of her life, as she was using an oxygen machine, she continued to smoke. The student felt a lot of sadness with this memory. She had loved and missed her grandmother tremendously. She continued to let the feelings and tears flow. After a while, the emotions subsided and her trade partner finished of the session with some soothing and soft strokes. After that massage session, her sense of smell returned and has remained since.

    I recall a certain journalist, Dr Andy Ho, writing for my country's major newspaper, had in his regular column disdainfully dismissed all forms of alternative healing as bogus. Some readers responded and wrote in to remind him of a simple exercise in Chinese Qigong to experience the existence of Qi - pushing our two open palms together and drawing them apart, feeling the compression and expansion of energy. But, he derisively attributed this phenomenal as the sensation of bodily heat. When I explained this simple exercise and asked the audience in a natural energy workshop to try it out for themselves, I could sense there were few skeptics - in particular there was a lady who with folded arms refused to perform the exercise. She disappeared from the congregation shortly. Either she was a disbeliever like the Dr Ho, or that she would have been thinking that she was at a level that such simple exercise was a waste of time for her.


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